Need More Work?

Business Development

Most companies don't have the large network of established contractors, and therefore struggle to grow their businesses. We utilize our relationships to leverage opportunities for our clients to personally ensure they achieve their desired results. Whether you're a start-up, or an established entity, we can help you grow your business one contact at a time.

Are you Owed Money?

Claim/Litigation Support

We have grown to learn through our experience that most people who hire lawyers, are not actually seeking protection, but information. Armstead South Atlantic has the information that you need, with the ability to do so much more. 70% of construction lawyers, still lack the technical understanding to actually provide you with the best information. We can assist your legal team with contract review, contract notices, claim preparation, and forensic accounting.

Need More Manpower

Field Staff Supplementation

We all need a little help sometime. At Armstead South Atlantic, our business is having that help ready when you need it. We understand that the success of most projects relies on the use of qualified help, and most companies struggle as they cycle through workers seeking productive help. We have a network of skilled labor across the South Atlantic capable of fixing manpower issues whenever they arise. With our years of experience, we understand the urgency of needing more men, and in most cases we can begin to relieve the stress overnight.

Can't Do it Alone?

Management Services

Armstead South Atlantic levels the playing field for contractors providing the management assistance needed to help with specific issues or projects without the expensive cost of unproven new-hires. We have performed projects with some of the largest private corporations in the country, and well as multiple government agencies. We know how to manage jobs, and we ensure that you have the help you need without comprising the level of service.

Is your Problem Safety?

Safety Audit/Training

Whether OSHA or EM-385, we have vast experience working with all safety standards and requirements in the construction industry. We offer OSHA training (10 Hour & 30 Hour), equipment training, as well as site inspections, and safety audits of policies and programs. With the construction industry evolving, and becoming more safety conscientious, EMR Ratings begin to take on an important role in selecting contractors for projects. Let us help ensure that your safety culture, or lack thereof, does not preclude you from the growth you desire.

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