Construction Claims & Litigation Support

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In the construction business we all hate not getting paid, or being blamed for owner issues. We assist in preparing your team in the early stages of problem jobs to eliminate future issues, and preserve any future entitlements. We have worked with top "super lawyers" across the east coast and have the experience to support our proven recovery systems.


Document Control

The most essential part of any cost recovery effort on a construction project regardless of who the owner is, lies in the quality of the supporting documentation. At Armstead South Atlantic, we have proven methods to ensure cost recovery and proper segregation of cost. WE will train your team to take all the necessary measures to document issues on projects prior to issues arising.

Claim Preparation

Despite our best efforts, some projects require some form of legal action to protect the interest of your entity. In the event that you are forced to prepare legal documentation to support your cost recovery, but you are not sure what documents you need, we can help. We prepare complete claim packages for submission to the owner or your legal counsel for review.

Litigation Support

When you learn that you will have to go to court to support a cost recovery effort, we can assist with document preparation, defense development, and many other legal services as required.

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